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The Soska Sisters, Jen and Sylvia, are well known names in the horror scene. Also known as the Twisted Twins, these Canadian siblings work together as directors, screenwriters and producers. The subject matter for their films is gruesome, visceral and violent. @twisted_twins on Twitter and are known in the convention circuit and horror community.

As a horror fan and member of the horror community, I've been disturbed at the recent backlash against them on Twitter. Using the #soskaspeakup hashtag, other horror community members have been sharing disturbing information regarding their behavior in the community.

Let's dive into what is going on.

On June 12th, Twitter user @blairbathory posted an open letter to the twins:

Horror Screenwriter Kevin Mosley, @KevinMosley14 seems to be the center of a lot of the allegations, posting the following regarding the situation:

Additionally, this was also shared on Twitter that appears to back up the allegation:

I don't like witch hunts. I usually dislike Cancel Culture for most offenses. I believe most people have done things they aren't proud of and would like to move past. However, I would like to add my name to the growing list of people to ask the Soska sisters to respond to the Tweets regarding their behavior and attempts to silence those who speak up. I don't know if the statements against them are true, but I would like to continue to offer them my support as fellow women of horror.

There are many people sharing these posts and I will not jump to condemn the sisters without verification, however, shady dealings in the horror community should be addressed. I hope the truth comes to light and in the mean time, everyone can remain level-headed and fair, without reacting based on emotion or fandom.

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