Cause of the Month

Morgan and Celeste are dedicated to contributing to causes for their local community and beyond. One cause will be featured each month. They encourage everyone to donate if possible or share to raise awareness. Hexen Arcane also contributes to every cause they feature as an ongoing mission. 


Wisconsin Humane Society

Large Snake and Rodent Seizure

From the Wisconsin Humane Society:

URGENT NEED! Yesterday, the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) took in 160 animals, including 52 ball python snakes, and 108 rats and mice, from a large-scale law enforcement seizure. As you can imagine, this sudden influx of species with such unique needs does put a strain on our resources. We are currently asking for the public’s help in two ways: 1) Donate an item from our Amazon Wish List for Exotic Animals:, or 2) make a monetary donation that will go toward emergency medical care and other supply needs: Community support helps to ensure that we can answer the call whenever animals are in need; thank you for considering a donation of any kind!

*** Note: none of these animals are available for adoption at this time due to the ongoing investigation, but we promise to keep you updated. Thank you, thank you, thank you!