Zach McLain

Acting, Design, Video, Photography




Steampunk General Store
2219 - 63rd street
Kenosha Wisconsin 262-705-2268
Open Monday Wednesday Friday and Saturday 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Also open by appointment!
Leather jackets and coats
Vests, goggles, corsets, boots++++


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Ron Purtee

GrindHouse Tease

Grindhouse Tease is a body positive, sex positive, all-inclusive burlesque, drag and live music variety show, formed by a collective of unique and talented performers, each bringing their own style, sound, experience and professional training to the stage. Our productions combine cutting edge neo-burlesque and drag performances with classic horror, rock and cinematic influences. At Grindhouse Tease, we host a safe and supportive space for everyone to express themselves. Our shows combine a variety of entertainment that is unlike anything you have seen before!

Angry Young Men, Ltd. 


John Borowski

Serial Killer author/ filmmaker