Where to Watch

You can find Hexen Arcane on Kenosha TV, Channel 14, Fridays at 8pm central, or if you are not in the viewing area, through www.kenoshamedia.org

You can find Hexen Arcane on CAN-TV in Chicago, Channel 19, Tuesdays at 10pm central.

You can find Hexen Arcane on Youtube at youtube.com/hexenarcane

Latest shows presented below

We are thrilled to be appearing on the Roku channel, Suburban Screams. 

Along with the chic Housewife of Horror and Mister of Horror, Hexen Arcane shows will be available on demand. Please visit housewifeofhorror.com for more information and updates!

Sound of Horror

Amazon Prime

You can find Hexen Arcane available on Amazon for streaming with Prime or purchase. Searh Hexen Arcane on Amazon.com

Housewife of Horror features the Ghoulishly Glamorous Housewife of Horror, and her Soul...Mate Mister of Horror. Both are lifelong lovers of all things that give you that special thrill, go bump in the night, and make a different kind of person finally feel right at home. 

Housewife of Horror breathes new life and adventure to the genre of Horror Hosting with their unique Glamour and Real Life Retro Charm.