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Chicago, IL

With the classic television trope of the horror host booming once again in the United States, Midwest area horror hosts Celeste Parker and Morgan Parker are bringing their show, Hexen Arcane, to Chicago on CAN-TV Channel 19 every Tuesday at 10pm beginning on September 1.

The two hostesses, seeing a need for new content arising from the recent lockdown, started taping their shows in April on Vimeo, and are now bringing their brand of horror hosting to the Chicago market on CAN-TV.

“I feel that our goal is to instill a love for all things horror & strange in the next generation and we do this by broadcasting not only on television but on digital formats as well. We also give our older viewers that familiarity they can remember with our predecessors in the horror hosting world,” says co-host Morgan Parker.

The duo write, shoot, produce, and edit the show themselves, giving this a female led show a wonderful DIY vibe.

“The wonderful thing about what these ladies are doing is that it is entirely a passion project for them,” says producer Joe Randazzo. “The characters they portray on their show are an extension of who they are. They love what they’re doing, and they love sharing it with others.”

The first episode airs on Tuesday, September 1 at 10pm on CAN-TV Channel 19 in Chicago, with more fun shows to follow.

For more information, visit and check out their other episodes at or on the Roku channel Suburban Screams.

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