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Gore-Met Cooking with Hexen Arcane - Cobbler

Morgan and I decided it was high time to do some baking. Ostensibly to refresh the putrid odor in our neighbor's house, although really we just love cooking and baking and wanted to have some fun with it.

Armed with a recipe from which we tweaked, we began our baking adventure. A link to the original recipe can be found at the end of this post.

I had never worked with rhubarb before so I was pretty excited to cut it. We tried to ignore the strange sounds in the house as we also cut up the strawberries. And drank some wine.

Oh and don't forget to pre-heat the oven while you are cutting fruit!

We ended up with 4 cups of cut rhubarb and 4 cups of cut strawberries. I kept sampling the rhubarb raw and it grew on me. And drank some wine. To that we added 4 tablespoons of flour and 1/2 cup of sugar, which was honestly plenty and I enjoy some tart flavor.

We first mixed it in with the strawberries and then mixed the strawberries into the rhubarb. And drank some wine.

Then we mixed flour, quick oats, brown sugar, salt, vanilla extract and olive oil together. Cue wine and Social Distortion. Check the original recipe link at the bottom of this post for the amounts since we followed that for this part of the cobbler.

Added the topping on, finished our wine, and popped it into the over for 35 minutes at 375 degrees.

Plus it turned out that the neighbors were home, although no clue where the parents were. Unless the parents were the bad smell.

It was so fortunate that the cobbler proved to be the distraction these hungry zombies needed to let us make a hasty exit!


If you would like to see all of our baking shenanigans, you can watch them as part of this show on vimeo:

or just our baking segment at

And as promised, you can find the original recipe here:

And if you have a recipe you want us to try for a future installment, please send it along. Morgan is allergic to mushrooms and I am a vegetarian so I'll only make meat free dishes. Thanks guys!

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I love rhubarb...and wine! (But mostly wine)

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