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Book/Movie Review: In the Tall Grass

This Netflix Original film was a surprisingly enjoyable film when I first came across it. Then I learned that it is based on a novella by Stephen King and Joe Hill, the pen name of King's son, Joseph. Of course I had to read the original novella.

What I found is that the film is surprisingly accurate to the film, although shorter and less fleshed out.

A tale that begins with a child lost in a tall field of grass becomes a claustrophobic narrative that plays out equally well on screen and on paper. Filled with the unexplained malignancy that is a hallmark of many of Stephen King's works, this one created a visceral experience in the viewer and reader.

Despite mixed reviews, I greatly enjoy the film adaptation that expanded on the story of the novella. Although repetitive at times, and convoluted, the movie was also atmospheric in a way that I found mesmerizing to watch.

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1 Comment

I quite enjoyed it! I haven’t read the novella but I’ll seek it out! Thanks for the heads up!

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