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Windigo Fest

Hey all you cool cats and kittens. Wait, that's not my line. Anyway, just wanted to drop a note about the upcoming Windigo Fest in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, this fun filled fantastic fest by Dead by Dawn.

Although reduced in size this year due to COVID, Windigo Fest will still be going on, although only on Saturday, the 3rd of October. It goes from 2pm-10pm, outside, and please remember to wear your mask and distance yourself from others.

Despite certain aspects being cancelled such as the parade, there are still many fun and exciting happenings this year, including a COVID mask contest, bands and of course the Windigo Dancing Witches.

Make sure to go and check out the band Ratbatspider, playing at 6pm, and stop by to see the vendors, such as horror host Deadgar Winter and hearses by Dead Sled Morgue! It's been a rough year for people who depend on conventions so we encourage everyone to help support the artists and content you love.

Although we won't have a table, Morgan and I will be walking around and shooting a show there as well. We hope to meet up with Katie Kadaver when she isn't busy as a makeup artist.

This event is one of those fall traditions I can't miss, so we are so excited to be there. If you see us, please come say hi! We absolutely want to talk to you.

Please everyone, be safe and hex you soon!

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