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Tour of The Halloween Capitol of the World!

That's right, Anoka, MN is the self-proclaimed Halloween Capitol of the world.

I haven't managed to make it to Anoka during Halloween (yet), but they do have some fun things to see all year round.

The Halloween tradition in this town began 100 years ago, when the kids in the area were escalating the pranks pulled every year and the town decided they needed to take action and give the kids something to do instead.

Thus, the tradition of Halloween parades was born.

It grew from there, turning into a month long celebration and drawing people from all over.

Although this place really changes during October, the rest of the year has some signs such as a Jack o'Lantern painted traffic circle and a bridge walkway that features art, some of which is Halloween themed.

This turned out to be my favorite part of Anoka as I explored some of the art in the tunnel.

The town is a cute place to explore and I am very excited to make it there some year soon for the Halloween festivities.

Look up the town to find out more about it's festive history and the centennial celebration!

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I would LOVE to visit Anoka in October!

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