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Pleasant Sunday Graveyard Tour

Morgan and I went on a Sunday jaunt to socially distance at some famous grave sites this past weekend. Starting our tour with the famous (and very beautiful) Resurrection Cemetery to pay our respects to Resurrection Mary.

Although despite my best efforts were were unable to locate Mary herself, we did our time at Resurrection Cemetery.

From there we decided to pay our respects to Al Capone at Mt. Carmel Cemetery. The Capone plot itself is impressive and people had left offerings for Mr. Capone in the form of beer, cigarettes and pennies.

We also paid a visit to the Italian Bride, Julia Petta and the gorgeous monument to her in her wedding dress that was erected by her mother.

Look for us to discuss all three of these sites on our first show, which we will be spamming you with shortly. We were so excited to cover these stories and urban legends and enjoy the day.

We were both struck with the amazing mausoleums and architecture at these sites and found ourselves wandering around taking pictures, and causing some mischief.

Definitely visit these places if you get a chance. However, given the current pandemic, please be mindful of safety. Don't gather in large numbers, protect yourselves, be respectful of these spaces. We found some of the evidence of litter and vandalism to be very disappointing.

Be safe out there ghoulies, and be on the lookout for this fun footage coming your way shortly!

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1 Comment

Absolutely beautiful cemetery and ladies! Thx for sharing!

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