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Paradise Springs

Recently, Morgan suggested that we visit Paradise Springs. I was excited but had no idea what to expect. And it exceeded any possible expectations. The first thing we saw was a Prussian cabin from 1850 which was a cool throwback, although I somewhat advise against going around the back.

Then we went into the park itself and I found myself struck with the natural beauty that was reclaiming what used to be the site of a horse track and the remnants of a resort.

Abandoned skeletons of buildings from the 1920's and 1930's could be found scattered throughout the area, although my favorite thing we discovered would have to be the small but beautiful waterfall.

The waters of the spring itself were clear and brightly colored, and catch the eye. The entire park is not large, but there is a 1/2 mile paved, accessible nature trail around the area.

We tried to save one of the coolest aspects of the park for last. The well house at the end is what still stands from the many resort buildings that used to occupy the area. Although fallen into disrepair and without a roof, it has a gothic vibe to it that draws the eye and captures attention even from afar.

We were overwhelmed at the beauty of the whole place. It was the perfect blend of human creation and nature everywhere.

Morgan and I both have a deep love for abandoned and old buildings and a love of history, so this felt like a field trip to the past.

Everywhere we turned was another example of picturesque beauty and made for some cool photos.

Morgan was able to channel the energies of the place and it definitely worked it's magic on us.

We went there to do a photoshoot with TNT Photography

All in all, it was a wonderful day. Paradise Springs is a hidden gem that I have no doubt we will visit again soon.

For more from TNT photography and some of the results of the photo shoot (which should be available shortly, follow the page

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