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FAST Fiberglass - A Unique Adventure

Nestled away in Sparta, WI lies a hidden gem, reminiscent of roadside attractions, the FAST Fiberglass company. It doesn't sounds like your typical attraction, and it isn't!

FAST creates many roadside attraction and large pieces of many many varieties. Instead of disposing of the fiberglass molds used to make these pieces, they are all stored in the back of the property for future use.

This fiberglass graveyard is a cool, and sometimes creepy journey! The company is fine with people wandering around and looking at these relics, they just advise people not to climb them and to watch out for wasps.

I had the privilege of wandering around and felt like I was on an adventure, hunting for the most creepy and bizarre pieces. And boy did I find some!

I particularly enjoyed some of the more horror themed pieces, such as a large devil head and a cool bat!

It was a very enjoyable diversion and it's something that I would recommend to anyone in the area.

If you would like to check it out, the FAST Fiberglass is located at 4177 Co Hwy Q, Sparta, WI 54656 and the yards are open all the time to people passing by who want to explore.

Put it on your list and go have some fun! It's unlike any place I have ever been before.

If you have been here before, let me know your thoughts.

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