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Creepshow on Shudder

This exciting addition to the Creepshow films is an anthology web series on Shudder TV consisting of 12 episodes. The original Creepshow has to be one of my favorite films of all time, and part of what made me fall in love with Adrienne Barbeau. The movie spawned some moments that will live in my brain forever, and lines that became a regular part of my repertoire. (Where's my cake, Bedelia?)

Of course I had to check out the new episodes, and I was not disappointed at all. There were some recognizable faces in some of the episodes. I was especially happy to see Cailey Fleming, who I knew from season 9 and 10 of The Walking Dead, which is unsurprising since Greg Nicotero, who is the executive producer of The Walking Dead, made this series.

The series successfully maintained the feel of the original movie that I love so much. There were aspects that I loved in every episode, and there were none that I disliked. A few really stood out to me, including The House of the Head, Bad Wolf Down, Night of the Paw and Skincrawlers. I felt like Skincrawlers even had a bit of a Black Mirror feel to it.

Many of the episodes were based on short fiction works, including those of Stephen King and Joe Hill, the pen name of Stephen King's son, and an author I greatly enjoy.

If you love Creepshow or are just looking for a great horror anthology show, check this one out!

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