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Here at Hexen Arcane we were lucky enough to get an exclusive perspective and insider photos from a member of our coven who visited the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest or Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

As a disclaimer, all of this perspective and photos are offered without commentary and any racist comments will be deleted. We are not offering any judgement on the individuals or any discussion on the propriety of these actions, merely giving our readers/ viewers an opportunity to see what our coven member experienced as she visited.

For those who are unaware, CHOP is an area of Seattle that has been occupied by protesters seeking change.

This is the list of their demands regarding the occupation:

There is a get-together at 8pm every night.

Spray paint covers most of the area, with messages and artwork.

There were not many people there at the time when she visited. It was mainly those that have been camping there, a majority of which are homeless people.

There were also some news cameras, and a man was yelling about how this was not a tourist area, so visitors are not exactly welcome.

It was however a peaceful visit. The area is about to be dismantled so there is some concern about violence from those who are unwilling to leave. This is a developing story, but an interesting occurrence.

Special thanks to MV for the photos and perspective.

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1 Comment

Jun 26, 2020

Sometimes ya just gotta Fight The Power. Thanks for the pics.

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